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Monday 10:30am CrossFit – Esher
Monday 6:30pm CrossFit – Esher
Tuesday 08:00am CrossFit – Esher
Wednesday 11:00am CrossFit – Esher
Thursday 09:30am Outdoor session- Cowey Sale Walton Riverside
Thursday 11:15am CrossFit – Esher
Friday Various Monthly events & Hikes
Saturday 08:30am Outdoor Workout – Esher Common
Last Monday of the Month 07:30pm Menopause Monday Seminars, Refresh Centre, Molesy





Crossfit is a type of coach-led class where you can work completely at your own level completing varied movements at high intensity. You will get the opportunity to practice new and previously tried movements and likely some things you haven’t done since a child. It’s always different, it’s fun & it gives incredible fitness and strength results. Resistance training is vital for maintaining bone and muscle strength through midlife. The most important thing to explain about Crossfit is that anyone can do it, every move is adjustable to a level you can do – the best thing to do with this class is feel the fear and do it anyway –you won’t regret it. It’s our most popular class.

Outdoor Workout

The outdoor sessions are varied – we use weights, resistance bands, cones, the environment, and running (or walking if that suits you better) all kept interesting with games, drills, and plenty of laughter. In these classes we focus on staying fit and healthy through midlife – maintaining the ability to get up and down, to do the things we love, and get the most out of this special phase.


Derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuji,” meaning yoke or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Yoga can help reduce injuries and keep you feeling comfortable and mobile – both really important in midlife.

Members’ events

Every month there will be a social event for all our members to meet up and seek a taste of adventure! Below is the draft events timetable. All members will be sent an invitation link when booking opens.




26th January 2024
 Activity Bungee Workout
28th February 2024

Social – Make Up lesson & Prosecco Party 2

29th March 2024
Circus Skills workshop
11th April 2024
Social – Cooking workshop
26th April 2024
Bluebell Walk, Leith Hill, Dorking
23rd May 2024
Social – Wine/Wine & Cheese Tasting
26th June 2024
Activity – Paddleboarding Sunbury
31st July 2024
Social – Open Air Cinema
28th September 2024

Running workshop follow on

10th October 2024
Social – TBC
13th October 2024

Activity – Foraging walk – Molesey

1st November 2024

Activity – Autumn Hike

20th November 2024

Activity – Walking Rugby

18th December 2024

Social – Christmas Dinner

Can I try a class before committing to a membership?

You are very welcome to come and join us for a class and have a chat with Anna about the rest of the membership program before committing. First, purchase a single class pass here, and then you can book a session of your choice.

Can I cancel my membership any time?

Yes, we just ask you give us 4 weeks’ notice.

Do I have to complete my food diary as soon as I join?

Not at all, you can complete it whenever it feels right for you.

When can I join the WHATSAPP group – it looks great!

Once you are a silver, gold or platinum member you will be invited to join the group, there is a list of scheduled themes and activities attached to your welcome e mail.

Do I need to wear any special clothes for class?

You need to wear appropriate footwear to both indoor and outdoor classes i.e. trainers (please ensure they are clean for indoor class). We recommend wearing exercise clothes that you can move in feely and a supportive sports bra. Layers are a good idea, it’s surprising how quickly you will warm up once we get moving – even in cold weather. Waterproofs can also be useful for outdoor classes.

Do we still come to the outdoor class if it’s raining?

Yes!  The only time we cancel a class because of the weather, is where there is an element of danger – this is most likely to be high winds or ice.

Do I need to be fit? I can’t even run for a bus!

No, Zest-LiveStrong is suitable for all levels and abilities and we even have two groups for our outside classes so you can choose a gentle start by joining group 1 or a more robust approach in group 2. Crossfit classes are scalable for everyone so it doesn’t matter if the person next to you is experienced and fitter than you, you can complete the class at your own level.

I feel I may have left it too late to start a fitness programme
It’s never too late! Even in our more mature years we can still make really good fitness gains. It may take some time and consistency, but you can only feel better for exercising.
I have never done exercise or a fitness class in my life!
Don’t worry, you don’t need to have undertaken any training beforehand, you just need to ensure you have the right clothing and bring water with you to class. Your instructor will be very experienced at designing the workout to ensure no one gets left behind or made to feel like the odd one out.
But I'm still not sure

We suggest you come for a trial class - what's the worst that can happen?

If you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Email: anna@zestlivestrong.com.