Women’s midlife fitness

About Zest

Zest-LiveStrong exists to inspire, coach and support midlife women to feel better, fitter and stronger as they journey through menopause and beyond.

About Anna

I have been a women’s specialist fitness coach for 20 years and I am also a woman in midlife.  I have gone from feeling pretty dreadful in my mid to late forties to feeling incredible. I want to share that feeling with other women and Zest-LiveStrong is the outcome.

I strongly believe midlife doesn’t have to be a time of decline and limited experiences – I fully intend to feel great, live life to the full, have new experiences at every opportunity and above all stay fit and strong.

For a women in midlife to feel great there are a few things we need.  We need balanced hormones, great quality strength and fitness training, good nutrition, opportunities to have fun and it’s all made more achievable by doing it with other women. Sisterhood is powerful!  Come and join us and see how being a part of Zest-LiveStrong can give you a fitter, stronger and happier midlife.