Feel better at 50
than you did at 30!


We help mid-life women feel great as they move through
peri-menopause, menopause and beyond

Do you want to…

  • Build up your strength and fitness?
  • Get your weight under control with good nutrition?
  • Manage the symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause more successfully?
  • And not do it all alone, but with a group of like-minded, supportive women?

Or are you feeling…

  • Less fit and strong than you were?
  • Carrying more weight than you used to?
  • Find it difficult to access appropriate, fun exercise options?
  • Feeling lost when it comes to the menopause?
  • Feeling like you need some help with improving your nutrition?
If you’re nodding, our groups are for you!  You can tackle these symptoms and feel in control of your body and health again.

Meet Anna

Zest is different

Fitness, toning, nutrition, education and fun!

Zest Live Strong helps women over 40 improve the way they feel – through fitness and exercise at the right level – and through education around balancing your hormones in mid-life, planning nutrition to support you now, and by stretching your horizons in new ways!





What’s included?

There are four packages to choose from depending on your availability and investment. From a free membership, including a weekly menu planner email, and priority event booking, up to Platinum membership including two outdoor, and two CrossFit classes per week.

Outdoor Classes

Group outdoor fitness classes in beautiful natural surroundings in Cobham and Walton on Thames. Anna designs workouts that are suitable for both those who are starting from a lower base of fitness to those who are stepping up to more challenging sessions.

Nutrition Assessments

On joining Zest-LiveStrong you’ll be offered the opportunity to fill in a Food and Mood diary and Anna will complete a nutrition assessment and give recommendations of how to improve your health and hormonal balance with different food choices. All members also receive a weekly meal planner.

CrossFit Classes

Anna opens the door to fun and accessible CrossFit gym sessions. For women who have never lifted weights to those who love building strength and fitness this way, these sessions are safe and exciting workouts.

Video training programme

You’ll receive a video training series to start you on your wellbeing journey! We’ll send you a daily email with short message focused on:

  • Maximising your physical wellbeing,
  • Improving nutrition for midlife,
  • Hormone balance and health and
  • Thinking about you – relaxation, space and fun.
Zest womens fitness health mid life health
Zest womens fitness health mid life health
walton crossfit gym

Join from


Membership includes your preferred number of outdoor and/or gym classes each week, tailored guidance on managing your food and mood, including weekly meal planners, and a bundle of videos and resources to help you feel great!


The best, most appropriate workout I’ve had in a long time.

“Anna is a fabulous coach. Classes actually feel like and an outing with friends. Rejuventaing, revitalising and refreshing. “


Positive, relaxed, kind, knowledgeable and fun

“I am a novice when it comes to exercise and feel nervous at the mere mention of the word ‘gym’! Zest-LiveStrong outdoor classes are in beautiful natural settings. Anna utilises nature to create workouts and brings to them a positive, relaxed, kind, knowledgeable and fun ethos. Just starting my journey and keen to continue! Thanks Anna.”


Anna’s CrossFit class is a fantastic way of getting involved in this style of training.

“I had felt a little intimidated about starting CrossFit, but it was such a fun and welcoming atmosphere that I thoroughly enjoyed my first session. Everything was explained and demonstrated well. I felt very safe and supported with each new experience of the movements and equipment.
Anna always makes the classes fun but challenging. I’m excited about continuing the classes and benefiting from some much needed strength training, an aspect of exercise that I’d been lacking in recent years. I’d thoroughly recommend Anna’s CrossFit class. Everyone should experience this!!”